Volume 26.1 of our journal is now online

Customers buy medicine at a pharmacy in a middle class neighborhood February 26, 2010 in Mumbai, India. Image: Getty, Kuni Takahashi
Customers buy medicine at a pharmacy in a middle class neighborhood February 26, 2010 in Mumbai, India. Image: Getty, Kuni Takahashi

Vol 26.1 of the South African Journal of International Affairs is now online.

Articles include new analysis of South Africa’s military intervention in Lesotho; insight into how civil society groups participate in regional integration in Africa; an overview of the impact of domestic and international constraints on Brazilian foreign and defence policy; and an assessment of the role that pharmaceutical manufacturing plays in Indian health diplomacy in Africa.

For the full line-up of the issue including several book reviews, please see below.

Original articles

African states in international organisations: A comparative analysis By Diana Panke

Political imperatives and military preparations: New insights into why South Africa’s 1998 intervention in Lesotho went awry By Christopher Williams

Civil society participation in regional integration in Africa: A comparative analysis of ECOWAS, SADC, and the EAC By Theresa Reinold

The sketch of Brazil’s grand strategy under the Workers’ Party (2003–2016): Domestic and international constraints By Carlos R S Milani & Tiago Nery

The foreign policy and intervention behaviour of Nigeria and South Africa in Africa: A structural realist analysis By Olumuyiwa Babatunde Amao

Indian health diplomacy in East Africa: Exploring the potential in pharmaceutical manufacturing By Veda Vaidyanathan

Regional economic communities and peacebuilding: The IGAD experience By Redie Bereketeab

Book Reviews

The African Union: Autocracy, Diplomacy and Peacebuilding in Africa, by Tony Karbo and Tim Murithi
Reviewed by Thomas Kwasi Tieku

African Border Disorders: Addressing Transnational Extremist Organizations, by Olivier J. Walther and William F.S. Miles
Reviewed by Anthoni van Nieuwkerk

Africa and the World: Bilateral and Multilateral International Diplomacy, by Dawn Nagar and Charles Mutasa
Reviewed by Sanusha Naidu

Women’s Activism in Africa: Struggles for Rights and Representation, by Balghis Badri and Aili Mari Tripp
Reviewed by Yaliwe Clarke

Dreams for Lesotho: Independence, Foreign Assistance and Development, by John Aerni-Flessner
Reviewed by Richard F. Weisfelder

Emerging Powers in International Politics: The BRICS and Soft Power, by Mathilde Chatin and Giulio Gallarotti
Reviewed by Martha Bridgman

18 Apr 2019

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