Special journal issue on EU-Africa ties

Image: Getty, Thierry Monasse
Image: Getty, Thierry Monasse

A special issue of our journal ‘Broadening the debate on EU-Africa relations: Towards reciprocal approaches’ is now online.

Vol 25.4 of the South African Journal of International Affairs is now online, and free-to-view until mid-March 2019.

The special issue, produced with guest editors John Kotsopoulos and Frank Mattheis of the Centre for Governance Innovation at the University of Pretoria, follows on two workshops with Africa-based analysts.

The issue responds to the fact that, while a significant body of literature exists about the relationship between the European Union (EU) and Africa, there is comparatively little analysis emanating from Africa itself. In addressing this, authors respond to questions such as: how is a growing awareness and projection of African agency changing the relationship between the EU and the continent? How are new portals of interaction and specific policy areas giving rise to innovation in interregional governance? How can problem areas be rethought and how can contrasting perspectives be better communicated between the EU and Africa? The result is a rich offering of articles covering a wide range of issue areas:

Original articles

A contextualisation of EU–Africa relations: Trends and drivers from a reciprocal perspective
By John Kotsopoulos and Frank Mattheis

AU–EU relations: Challenges in forging and implementing a joint agenda
By Luckystar Miyandazi, Philomena Apiko, Tasnim Abderrahim and Faten Aggad-Clerx

Caught between the ACP and the AU: Africa’s relations with the European Union in a post-Cotonou Agreement context
By Maurizio Carbone

Sanctions and summits: Sanctioned African leaders and EU–Africa summits
By Jo-Ansie van Wyk

Exploring ‘brain circulation’ as a concept to mitigate brain drain in Africa and improve EU–Africa cooperation in the field of science and technology
By Amr Radwan and Mahmoud Sakr

Characterising partnership for research and innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from the case of the Africa–EU ProIntensAfrica Initiative
By John Ouma-Mugabe, Petronella Chaminuka and Ana M P Melo

The European Union and security sector reform: South Sudan and the challenge of ownership
By Arnold H Kammel

Interregionalism and police cooperation against cross-border crime in East Africa: Challenges and prospects
By Jacob Lisakafu

Book reviews

Europe’s relations with North Africa: Politics, economics and security, by Adam Yousef
Reviewed by Faten Aggad

Political trust and the politics of security engagement: China and the European Union in Africa, by Benjamin Barton
Reviewed by Ian Taylor

Why Europe Intervenes in Africa: Security, Prestige and the Legacy of Colonialism, by Catherine Gegout
Reviewed by John Kotsopoulos

The EU and China in African Authoritarian Regimes: Domestic Politics and Governance Reforms, by Christine Hackenesch
Reviewed by Lesley Masters

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the European Union (EU): Regionalism and External Influence, by Johannes Muntschick
Reviewed by Mariel Reiss

The Moral Economy of EU Association with Africa, by Mark Langan
Reviewed by Oskar Chmiel

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