SAJIA Volume 28.2, a Special Issue on ‘(Counter-)terrorism in Africa: Reflections for a new decade’ is now online

Image: Getty, Stringer/AFP
Image: Getty, Stringer/AFP

This special issue covers a range of topics within the (counter-) terrorism field, both on a continental and national scale, with articles from both established and emerging voices in the fields of political science and international relations in Africa.

It is hoped that this set of carefully curated articles will stimulate reflection, critical thought and debate on Africa’s responses to terrorism.

The introductory paper, by guest editors Sven Botha and Suzanne Graham of the University of Johannesburg, sets out key developments in the field as a new decade dawns.  Next, Kayla Arnold interrogates how epidemics have been used by terrorist organisations to further their objectives, with a focus on the threat to vaccination campaigns; Vesna Markovic looks at the difficulties of disrupting terrorism financing generally, and particularly in Nigeria and Somalia; and Stephen Buchanan-Clarke considers South Africa’s role in responding to international terrorism, with a focus on developments in Southern Africa.

Other articles include a study by Daisy Muibu, based on empirical data from Kismayo (Somalia), examining public perceptions of police militarisation and how they affect public support for police empowerment, and an exploration by Emeka Njoku and Joshua Akintayo of terrorism’s role in the sex economy and sexual violence in north-eastern Nigeria.  Two other papers look at national responses to terrorism in Kenya (Juliet Kamau) and Nigeria (Sven Botha).  Finally, Monday Hassan theorises on the resilience of Boko Haram.  The issue also includes five book reviews.

Original Articles

(Counter-)terrorism in Africa: Reflections for a new decade

By Sven Botha and Suzanne Graham

The epidemic–terrorism nexus and how to safeguard Africa against bioterrorism: Lessons from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative?

By Kayla Arnold

Fighting a losing battle? Countering terrorism financing in Nigeria and Somalia

By Vesna Markovic

Strengthening South Africa’s response to the threat of international terrorism

By Stephen Buchanan-Clarke

Is counterterrorism counterproductive?  A case study of Kenya’s response to terrorism, 1998-2020

By Juliet Kamau

Police empowerment and police militarisation in times of protracted conflict: Examining public perceptions in southern Somalia

By Daisy Muibu

The women and girls associated with Boko Haram: How has the Nigerian government responded?

By Sven Botha

Sex for survival: Terrorism, poverty and sexual violence in north-eastern Nigeria

By Emeka Thaddues Njoku and Joshua Akintayo

Explaining the resilience of Boko Haram’s insurgency in the Lake Chad Basin

By Monday Zitta Hassan

Book Reviews

Extremisms in Africa (Volume 3)

Reviewed by Anthoni van Nieuwkerk

Unmasking Boko Haram: Exploring Global Jihad in Nigeria

Reviewed by Imrana Buba

Female Fighters: Why Rebel Groups Recruit Women for War

Reviewed by Cori Wielenga

War and Peace in Somalia: National Grievances, Local Conflict and Al-Shabaab

Reviewed by Tertius M Jacobs

Targeting Top Terrorists: Understanding Leadership Removal in Counterterrorism Strategy

Reviewed by Ayse D Lokmanoglu


Response to review of Africa First! Igniting a Growth Revolution

By Jakkie Cilliers