Volume 27.1 of our journal is now online

Image: Getty, Media Production
Image: Getty, Media Production

Our SAIIA Journal Volume 27.1 covers a number of diverse topics in governance and international relations in Africa.

Ziyanda Stuurman analyses the militarisation of policing of communities in Brazil and South Africa and how this is shaped by racial, gender, and class factors; Natalie Zähringer and Malte Brosig discuss ‘organised hypocrisy’ in a study of the African Union’s enactment of the responsibility to protect norm; and Odilile Ayodele considers Africa’s relationship with the global information society, positing a ‘new information feudalism’ exists. Additional articles in this issue explore the implications for individuals of the immunity of international financial institutions, and regional implications of Ethiopia’s recent reforms, plus six book reviews.

For the full line-up of the issue, please see below:

Original articles

Organised hypocrisy in the African Union: The responsibility to protect as a contested norm

By Natalie Zähringer and Malte Brosig

Ethiopian reforms and the resolution of uncertainty in the Horn of Africa state system

By Namhla Thando Matshanda

Policing inequality and the inequality of policing: A look at the militarisation of policing around the world, focusing on Brazil and South Africa

By Ziyanda Stuurman

The new information feudalism: Africa’s relationship with the global information society

By Odilile Ayodele

Balancing international financial institutions’ immunity with private individuals’ right to effective remedy

By Mmiselo Freedom Qumba

Book reviews

The Relevance of Regions in a Globalized World: Bridging the Social Sciences–Humanities Gap

Reviewed by Daniel C. Bach

Global Diplomacy and International Society / Global South Perspectives on Diplomacy

Reviewed by Sven Botha

Contemporary Nigerian Politics: Competition in a Time of Transition and Terror

Reviewed by Victor Adetula

Go Back to Where You Came From: The Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy

Reviewed by Zaheera Jinnah

Governance and the Postcolony: Views from Africa

Reviewed by Tania Coetzee

Extremisms in Africa (volume 2)

Reviewed by Anthoni van Nieuwkerk

Note to reviewers

A word of thanks – To the Peer Reviewers of SAJIA Volume 26 (2019)