Volume 28.1 of our journal is now online

Image: Getty Images Plus, iStock
Image: Getty Images Plus, iStock

Volume 28.1 of our SAIIA Journal covers several diverse topics in governance and international relations in Africa.

This issue covered a range of topics, including an article by Kenneth Nwoko that discusses the evolution of the security architecture of ECOWAS to respond to health crises such as COVID-19; another by Dumisani Mthembu and Godwell Nhamo exploring the extent to which South Africa has domesticated the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and a paper by Richard Fosu examining how state-building in Ghana succeeded in promoting a political identity that largely has superseded ethnonational divisions. Mmiselo Freedom Qumba argues that African states should continue to utilise investor-state dispute settlement despite the criticisms levelled against them, and Moses Ogutu analyses the Indian Ocean Rim Association and what Africa can learn from this regional cooperation model. The issue concludes with five book reviews, including two focused on South Africa’s foreign policy.

For the full line-up of the issue, please see below:

Original Article

Domestication of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in South Africa

By Dumisani E Mthembu and Godwell Nhamo

ECOWAS responses to the COVID-19 pandemic under its peace and security architecture

By Kenneth Chukwuemeka Nwoko

Africa and investor-state dispute settlement: Mixed reactions, uncertainties and the way forward

By Mmiselo Freedom Qumba

The Indian Ocean Rim Association: Lessons from this regional cooperation model

By Moses Onyango Ogutu

When an African country avoids conflict: Purposive actions and actors in post-colonial state-building in Ghana

By Richard Fosu

Book Reviews

The Battle for International Law: South–North Perspectives on the Decolonization Era

Reviewed by Nicola Soekoe

Africa First! Igniting a Growth Revolution

Reviewed by Robert Mattes

When Foreign Becomes Domestic: The Interplay of National Interests, Pan-Africanism and Internationalism in South Africa’s Foreign Policy

Reviewed by Lesley Masters

Foreign Policy Posture in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Consistencies and Ambiguities

Reviewed by Fritz Nganje

Power Politics in Africa: Nigeria and South Africa in Comparative Perspective

Reviewed by Emmanuel Durosinmi