About the T20

The Think 20 (T20) group is an established network of research institutes, think tanks and eminent academics from the G20 member countries.

Created in 2012 during the Mexican Presidency of the G20, the group endeavors to add value to G20 processes through evidence-based research within ten thematic task forces. This research is published as policy briefs. Further, the T20 facilitates interactions among its members, the international policy community and it engages with the broader public on issues of global governance. The analytical depth provided by leading experts from the T20 goes a long way in helping the G20 formulate and deliver sustainable policies. The work of the T20 is presented to G20 working groups, minister committees and annual summit as policy options.

One of the ten thematic task forces of the T20 is the ‘Cooperation with Africa’ Task Force. The task force aims to integrate cooperation efforts with Africa across G20 work-streams and policy areas. Moreover, it also aims to reinforce the commitment of G20 member states to Africa’s Agenda 2063 and to explore ways in which sustainable development across the African continent can be promoted and aided by tackling policy issues relating to fiscal and debt sustainability, industrial development, taxation, food security, governance and the Compact with Africa among others. This thematic task force of the T20 is particularly important because the policies that emerge out of the G20 directly impact development in Africa and the world; it is imperative that the impact of G20 policies on Africa be critically assessed.

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