About the China-Africa Portal

SAIIA’s China and Africa research investigates the burgeoning relationship between China and Africa and the strategic implications of its broad-based co-operation with Africa. Since 2006, SAIIA has produced ground-breaking research on the motives, rationale and institutional structures guiding China’s Africa policy. This enables policymakers to develop a more nuanced understanding of China’s growing power and influence, in turn enhancing their ability to leverage bilateral and continental ties to benefit Africa’s development aspirations. Different dimensions of Chinese continental engagement across diverse sectors have been examined, including energy, resources, trade, investment, aid, public diplomacy, agriculture, peace, security, migration and multilateralism.

SAIIA’s ‘China-Africa Toolkit (1.35 MB)’ was originally developed in 2009 as an extensive 77-page contextual backgrounder on China-Africa relations targeting African policymakers. The current China-Africa Portal, which builds on this original initiative, is a user-friendly information hub that can be organised according to the topic of interest of the reader (namely media, policy makers, funders, government officials, civil society actors, general public). The Portal draws on previous and current China-Africa research across the Institute.

SAIIA’s ‘China and Africa’ research is funded mainly by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).