NeST Africa

We are a proud founding partner of the Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST) – a forum of think tanks and academics from the global South committed to generating and sharing knowledge on South-South approaches to international development cooperation.

NeST was established in 2014, on the sidelines of the Mexico High Level Forum on Effective Development Cooperation, and in response to the 2013 Delhi Conference of Southern Providers and subsequent meetings in Beijing.

The African chapter of NeST was established a year later in 2015 and we co-hosted the first meeting with Oxfam.

The chapter was set up as a multi-stakeholder platform to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities of development cooperation in Africa.

Today, members of NeST Africa include the Wits School of Governance, Oxfam South Africa, Reality of Aid Africa, Afrodad, the Uganda NGO Forum, the Institute for Security Studies, the University of Johannesburg, among many others. African government agencies and multilateral organisations are also closely involved in NeST activities

NeST Africa’s work spans analytical frameworks and toolkits, evidence-based field research in Africa, capacity-building and training services, policy support and improving data quality and availability in the arena of South-South Cooperation.

The network provides input into global and regional debates such as the African Platform for Development Effectiveness, Africa Vision 2063, the Post-2015 Development Agenda, Financing for Development, BRICS/IBSA Africa Summits and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation.

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Book on developing institutions for South-South Cooperation

South-South Cooperation has been increasing dramatically over the last thirty years. But how is this assistance co-ordinated, and how do Southern countries deal with the institutions required to manage and disburse this assistance? A new book, Institutional Architecture & Development: Responses from Emerging Powers tackles these questions. Read more and watch a video interview.

Resources from the first meeting of the South African chapter of NeST

Resources from the technical workshop

Resources from the Multi-Stakeholder Policy Dialogue on ‘Emerging Donors in Africa’

Resources from the Multi-Stakeholder Policy Dialogue on ‘Emerging Donors in Africa’

Resources from the seminar on ‘Peace-building and Development in Africa through South-South Cooperation’