Our reference library houses material on international relations, politics, economics and related global issues. It has an extensive collection of journals and well-stocked shelves.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 09:00–13:00; 14:00–17:00


T:  +27 11 339 2021 (extension 157, 167 or 129)
F: +27 11 339 2154

Our library opened its doors in 1934 when our institute was established, and serves researchers, academics, business people, our members, students and the public. As one of the few libraries in South Africa with United Nations depository status, it houses UN periodicals, official records, conference proceedings, yearbooks and treaties.

In addition, ours is the only library in the country to function as a depository for the World Bank Development Information Centre, which offers one-stop access to the latest information on development worldwide.

You will also be able to find other periodicals and yearbooks in our library, all searchable by subject via our in-house database.

There is a separate, but smaller collection of League of Nations documents, which contain useful information on the activities of the league from 1919 to the late 1930s.

The library has housed the Martin Edmonds Collection since 2004, which has more than 2,500 books on security-related issues. This collection was donated to us by Professor Martin Edmonds, director of the Centre for Defence and International Security Studies at Lancaster University, on his retirement.

As a reference library, our material can only be accessed on site and is not available on loan.