Britain after Brexit

Image: Getty, Ffikretow
Image: Getty, Ffikretow

You are invited to our Western Cape branch webinar on Britain after Brexit, reflecting on the implications of Brexit in the light of the COVID pandemic.

Robert Jackson will give an account of recent and prospective developments in British politics and the UK economy and society, and of Britain’s place in current worldwide geopolitics.

This is Robert Jackson’s third in a series of talks given to the Western Cape Branch of SAIIA. The first two were given in person to a large and appreciative audience at the Mountain Club: “The European Union and its Future” on 21 February 2019; and “The Future of Britain” on 22 January 2020. Both were memorable for their cumulative and compelling analyses and prognoses of a complex and sometimes perplexing passage in the history of Britain.

Robert Jackson is a former British MP and Member of the European Parliament, and a former Minister for Higher Education and Science in the UK government. He was born in South Africa, to which in normal times he and his wife return for several months a year.

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22 February 2021
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5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Pippa Segall
021 422 0717


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