CANCELLED: COVID-19: Regional responses to a global emergency

Image: Getty, Wildpixel
Image: Getty, Wildpixel

We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled.

Please note that due to the recent announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa of a national state of disaster regarding the COVID-19 virus and the evolving situation on the Wits campus, we have taken the decision to postpone this event for the foreseeable future.  We are investigating alternative ways to bring the key messages from our panellists to you and will be communicating more detail about this to you shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

With the first cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) being confirmed in South Africa, public concern is mounting. Questions are being asked about the choices governments should make in the region to mitigate the risk of the virus’s impact both socially and economically. Many businesses are facing increasing pressure to temporarily shut down to “self-isolate”, while the disruption of global supply chains and trade is already wreaking havoc on the global economy.

With the region’s borders being notoriously porous, an outbreak in one country places the entire region at risk, raising concerns around the preparedness of all countries to react. Is there a regional strategy that takes into account the impact of cities potentially being put on lockdown?

What regional frameworks are there in place to reduce the risk of infectious diseases?  And how will the public health system hold up under the accelerated and amplified demand for services?

Looking to the future, is there an opportunity for greater regional cooperation to ensure responsible governance frameworks are implemented to mitigate the risk of infectious diseases?

Join us as we bring together a multidisciplinary panel of leading experts to discuss the potential scenarios for the region as this story continues to unfold.

Names of panellists and a detailed programme will follow shortly.

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Light snacks will be served after the event.

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20 Mar 2020