Cybersecuring Democracy: Safeguarding Elections in Africa and the U.S. from Digital Attacks

Image: Getty, Sdecoret
Image: Getty, Sdecoret

The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), the African Centre for the Study of the United States (ACSUS) at the University of the Witwatersrand, and Media Monitoring Africa invite you to an event on the cybersecurity of elections.

Adam Clayton Powell (Executive Director of the University of Southern California initiative on election cybersecurity and Co-chair of ACSUS)

Prof. Gilbert Khadiagala (Director of ACSUS)
Thandi Smith (Head of Programmes at Media Monitoring Africa)

As African countries such as Nigeria, Sudan, Zimbabwe and DRC head to the polls next year, preparing to protect their elections must be part of the democratic process. For at least the past eight years, elections in the United States have been under attack from Russia, China and other countries, and as these attacks have increased, so too have U.S. cyber security measures. Given that cyber attacks and disinformation are a worldwide problem, the U.S. is now engaging with other democracies to share information on how to respond. The nature and sources of threats to democratic elections vary from country to country, but the methodologies of attacks are consistent across the world.

This event will focus on defending against threats to election cyber security, increasing digital resilience, and responding to disinformation. The programme will include tips from elected and appointed election officials in the U.S. and advice to candidates and election officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Also included will be examples of online resources and social media content tailored for election officials, for campaign workers, for civic leaders and for all voters.

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27 Oct 2022