Futures of SADC e-Mobility: Systemic innovation and just, green recovery pathways in the mining-energy-transport nexus

Image: MiPower
Image: MiPower

SAIIA and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation invite you to attend an online conference on Southern Africa’s opportunity to lead in the e-Mobility transition and electric vehicle (EV) economy.

In a post-pandemic world, countries in the continent and across the world will be looking to revitalise and rebuild their economies. In a Southern African context, a critical way to pursue this objective is through regional cooperation. This virtual conference explores how a green recovery focussing on cleaner and sustainable forms of mobility, particular e-Mobility could be key in shaping Africa’s place in the post-normal world. Southern Africa has an unprecedented opportunity to lead in the e-Mobility transition and electric vehicle (EV) economy.

Our work on e-Mobility is guided by SAIIA’s central objective as a leading think tank to initiate dialogue between government, industry groups, civil society, researchers, and the general public on shaping the future, now. To this end, we presented our findings at our year-end conference on EVs in Johannesburg in December 2019. The conference brought together a wide variety of stakeholders, stimulating a robust public debate. The dialogue has been carried well into 2020, where the validity of our research is more relevant than ever.

During 2020 we continued our engagement with stakeholders and policymakers on the impact of EVs on the mining, energy, and automotive industries to bring about positive change. This has led us to engage with key public and private sector players on a roadmap to facilitate a green recovery for the SADC region.

As we accelerate towards the climate emergency amid the backdrop of a global pandemic and an ongoing energy crisis in South and Southern Africa, it is important to imagine hopeful alternative futures and systemic innovations. This is ensured through strategic foresight and complex systems thinking to co-create pathways for just transitions toward a green economy facilitated by e-mobility in the region. Southern Africa needs to anticipate and understand the implications of the e-mobility revolution to enable proactive and bold forward-looking policy decisions and action.

4 November 2020

9:00 am – 12:30 pm
+27 (0)11 339-2021


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