Launch of India-Africa Relations: Changing Horizons by Rajiv Bhatia 

Image: Getty, John M Lund Photography Inc
Image: Getty, John M Lund Photography Inc

You are invited to the virtual book launch of India-Africa Relations: Changing Horizons by Rajiv Bhatia.

SAIIA invites you to the launch of India-Africa Relations: Changing Horizons by Rajiv Bhatia. The book explores the emergence and assertion of Africa as a significant actor and stakeholder in global affairs and the transformation of the India-Africa relationship.

Beginning from this strategic perspective, the book presents an in-depth exploration of India-Africa partnership in all its critical dimensions. It delineates the historical backdrop and shared colonial past to focus on and contextualise the evolution of the India-Africa engagement in the first two decades of the 21st century. 

The book scrutinises the unfolding international competition in Africa in depth, which includes global actors such as the EU, US, and Japan, among others, focusing especially on China’s growing influence in the region. Further, it dissects objectively the continental, regional and bilateral facets of India-Africa relations and offers a roadmap to strengthen and deepen the relationship in the coming decade. This volume will be very useful for students and researchers working in the field of international relations, foreign policy, governance, geopolitics and diplomacy.

Rajiv Bhatia is a Distinguished Fellow at Gateway House. He served as India’s High Commissioner to Kenya, South Africa and Lesotho, and as Ambassador to Myanmar and Mexico. He is an illustrious scholar-diplomat, an active figure in India’s strategic community, and a prolific commentator on foreign policy. 


  • Ms Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, Chief Executive, South African Institute of International Affairs


  • Dr Rajen Harshé, leading Indian scholar in African and international relations studies
  • Dr Mandira Bagwandeen, Senior Research Fellow, The Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance

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2 March 2022
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