Launch of the South Africa APRM Youth Submission

Image: Getty, Darren Stewart
Image: Getty, Darren Stewart

You are invited to the launch of the South Africa APRM Youth Submission. The submission is a rich tapestry of ideas that have the potential to shape South Africa in important ways.

The South African Government has committed to submitting the country to its second generation review under the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), following its first review in 2007. As part of a consultative process, citizens and civil society organisations are encouraged to make inputs into this review to strengthen its scope and validity. SAIIA and Jasoro Consulting are pleased to invite you to the launch of the South Africa APRM Youth Submission, a report that reflects the assessments, considered views and recommendations of South African youth on the state and future of governance across a wide spectrum of issues.

In September 2020, SAIIA and Jasoro Consulting convened over 150 young people virtually to initiate a consultative process to write a youth-driven and youth-focused report that reviews and assesses the country and makes recommendations for the future. This process saw youth determine the issues, work in groups to research and write nine thematic sections and validate the report in March 2021.

SAIIA and Jasoro Consulting invite you to join us and the young people who are the co-authors of this report to engage with youth perspectives on the state of the nation.

For enquiries please email Ms. Luanda Mpungose at For data support please contact Ms. Tessa Dooms at

Download the programme

Download the report: Youth submission to the APRM in South Africa

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26 May 2021
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12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Nondumiso Nqunqa
+27 (0)11 339-2021


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