Russia’s Strategic Engagement in Africa – Insights and Research Findings

Image: Getty, Vectorios2016
Image: Getty, Vectorios2016

You are invited to a webinar on Russia’s Strategic Engagement in Africa.

Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has returned to Africa. Following his first visit to the continent in 2006, there has been slow, incremental growth in engagement, culminating in a 2019 Russia-Africa summit – the first of its kind and attended by 43 African heads of state. 

Russia has commercial, security and political or diplomatic interests in Africa, and joins a host of other external powers such as the US, China, and Turkey, who seek to increase their engagement on the continent. Its efforts form part of attempts to reclaim its stature as a global power and show that it is a key player in most regions of the world.

In March 2021, SAIIA launched a two-year research project that seeks to understand Russia’s strategic engagement and policy impact in Africa. The project focuses on three key themes: Russia and other external actors in Africa; Russia, Africa, and norm development; and Russian influence building in Africa

We invite you to join this webinar, as the project presents its latest research. Topics include:

  • Russia and China in Africa: Prospective Partners or Asymmetric Rivals?
  • Russia’s Use of Media in Africa: Soft Power in Action
  • Russia’s Political and Economic Presence in Zambia and Tanzania

A Q&A and open discussion will be moderated by Steven Gruzd, head of the African Governance and Diplomacy Programme at SAIIA.

Download the final programme.

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    17 Nov 2021