SADC Futures of Digital Geopolitics: Towards African Digital Sovereignty

Image: Getty, Inkoly
Image: Getty, Inkoly

SAIIA invites you to the launch of futures-orientated policy research on the emerging digital geopolitical landscape in southern Africa and Africa at large. The policy insight report unpacks digital governance approaches across the United States, China, and Europe, and their implications for digital governance in Africa.

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As in other parts of the world, Southern Africa will also have to face the dual challenge of leveraging the economic benefits of digitisation on the one hand and regulating its emerging societal and political implications on the other. Given the lightning speed at which the digital domain is evolving, it is hard to fully fathom the full impact of this exponential growth in global data volumes and speeds. Within Southern Africa, policymakers continue to grapple with finding the right balance on the spectrum between leveraging the developmental potential of the digital revolution and the protection of the digital rights of its citizens in pursuit of these objectives. While one does not necessarily exclude the other, contextual needs and expectations require the development of regional and continental frameworks that are inclusive yet responsive to domestic contexts. 

The dialogue will cover the length and breadth of the digital geopolitical landscape ranging from digital humane-centred, digital democratic to state-centred and digital authoritarian approaches to governance that shape the future African digital policy environment. The webinar will discuss practical policy recommendations for wayfinding the continent’s responses to these unique contextual digital demands.


  • Jan Hofmeyr, Head of Research, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation
  • Ndeapo Wolf, Programme Coordinator, SAIIA
  • Dr Deon Cloete, Programme Head, SAIIA
  • Michael Power, Director/Co-Founder, Alt Advisory
  • Melody Musoni, Senior Subject Matter Expert: Data Protection, SADC Secretariat. 
  • Bulanda Nkhowani, Program Officer, Paradigm Initiative: TBC 


  • Ms Letitia Jentel, Futures Programme Manager, SAIIA

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30 Nov 2022