South African APRM Popular Sensitisation (SAPS) Project

Image: Getty, XtockImages
Image: Getty, XtockImages

SAIIA in collaboration with Jasoro Consulting invite you to a consultative process that has resulted in the drafting of a youth-centred submission into the second South African African Peer Review Mechanism Country Self-Assessment Report.

After several workshops, youth-led working groups and a number of iterations of writing, a comprehensive youth submission for the South African APRM report is now ready for review and validation. The report covers nine areas as determined by youth. These are: Institutional Planning, Education, Economic Participation, Climate Change, Peace and Security, Land and infrastructure, Health and Social Services, Inclusion and Social Cohesion and Political Participation. The draft submission is online here, in a Google Document. Please read it in advance of the workshop.

The submission provides a youth-driven framing of the issues and a wide range of well-considered recommendations from youth to government as part of the APRM process.

Please join us as the youth who worked on this process will present and participate in validating the report that consolidates their views and perspectives.

Download the programme.

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24 February 2021
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10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Luanda Mpungose
+27 (0)11 339-2021


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