Zimbabwe: International Engagement for a Prosperous and Peaceful New Era


The South African Institute of International Affairs recently held a workshop on 'Zimbabwe: International Engagement for a Prosperous and Peaceful New Era'

Zimbabwe’s elections are slated to take place on 30 July 2018. Zimbabwean civil society has however expressed concerns that these elections will fall short of international and African standards.

Over and above addressing the pressing need to institute serious political reforms, is the equally urgent task of kick-starting the country’s stagnant economy and substantively re-integrating Zimbabwe into the region, and the world.

The commitment and support of the international community – including its immediate neighbourhood is crucial to its success. SAIIA, will host a day-long workshop that intends to tackle the multiple challenges facing Zimbabwe as it forges ahead in the post-Mugabe era, while trying to better understand where the country is headed.

It will ask the questions: What are the preconditions necessary to have free, fair and credible elections? How should the international community react if these basic conditions are not met? What are the challenges to reinvigorating the economy? How might these be overcome? And what is the role of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African community at large in contributing peace, stability and prosperity in Zimbabwe?

* Please find the Programme here

26 Jun 2018