External research on Chinese lending to Africa

SAIIA is proud to be a repository of research on Chinese lending to Africa, produced by the US-based China-Africa Research Initiative. This research aims to enhance the understanding of the economic and political dimensions of China-Africa relations.

What is the Real Story of China’s “Hidden Debt”?

Zambia’s Chinese Debt in the Pandemic Era

Twenty Years of Data on China’s Africa Lending

Private Security Companies in Kenya and The Impact of Chinese Actors

Railpolitik: Ethiopia’s Rail Ambitions and Chinese Development Finance

How Zambia and China Co-Created a Debt ‘Tragedy of the Commons’

China’s Digital Silk Road in Africa and the Future of Internet Governance

Chinese Resource-Backed Infrastructure Financing Investments: Comparing Governance in Guinea and Ghana

A Comparative Analysis: Chinese and Indian Exim Bank Finance in Ethiopia

International Development Lending and Global Value Chains in Africa

Understanding the Structural Sources of Chinese International Contractors’ Market Power in Africa

Do Chinese Infrastructure Loans Promote Entrepreneurship in African Countries?

Development Finance and Distributive Politics: Comparing Chinese and World Bank Finance in sub-Saharan Africa

African Military Aircraft Procurement from China: A Case Study from Zambia

‘Africa’s China’: Chinese Manufacturing Investment in Nigeria in the Post-Oil Boom Era and Channels for Technology Transfer

Risky Business: New Data on Chinese Loans and Africa’s Debt Problem

What is the Role for the Chinese Private Security Sector in Africa?

Comparing the Effects of Chinese and Traditional Official Finance on State Repression and Public Demonstrations in Africa