March Address: Platinum Celebration as SAIIA turns 75

Image: Flickr, Biblioteca Nacional de España
Image: Flickr, Biblioteca Nacional de España

The average seventy-five-year old might have trouble keeping up with a world as fast-paced as our post millennial one, but as our annual staff Lekgotla earlier in the year showed, SAIIA's activities reflect a sharp collective mind and a fit body of staff.

The completed refurbishment of Jan Smuts House and the opening of the new Pretoria offices are an infrastructural extension of SAIIA’s commitment to conducting innovative research projects that have an impact on our policy environment.

This impact has been felt across the globe as SAIIA was named by its peers as the second most effective think tank in sub-Saharan Africa in the recent Global Go-To Think Tank survey conducted by the University of Pennsylvania. This is indeed a platinum feather in SAIIA’s cap.

Our jubilee is also marked by a renewed engagement with issues of international importance to South Africa specifically and Africa more generally. Our researchers have attended a number of events, ranging from the African Union Summit to workshops including climate change and regional economics, and made substantive input into the policy arena.

This first edition of our revamped newsletter is populated by SAIIA’s activities and achievements. I am confident that this will continue throughout our 75th anniversary year.

Jonathan Stead former Director of Marketing and Operations (SAIIA)