SAIIA ranked second best think tank

Image: Flickr, PROAndrew Smith
Image: Flickr, PROAndrew Smith

SAIIA has been ranked second in sub-Saharan Africa by the 'Global Go-To Think Tank Survey', conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Programme at the University of Pennsylvania.

This international peer recognition of effective policy engagement based on quality research and a high public profile comes as SAIIA enters its 75th Jubilee celebration.

The survey, which is running for a second consecutive year, assessed 420 institutions worldwide on a number of criteria. These included the organisations’ ability to affect change, their ability to bridge the gap between policymakers and grassroots realities as well as their ability to be the hub or central actor in issue and policy networks.

The survey also highlighted key global issues among think tanks and policy advice organisations. Of growing concern is the ability for think tanks to remain independent of government, donors and certain schools of thought, whilst still being able to produce rigorous and relevant research. Operational challenges such as sustainability and limited resources were also highlighted as key challenges to think tanks in Africa.

26 Feb 2009