On 12 May SAIIA celebrated its 76th birthday. To commemorate the day we hosted a charity event in aid of a foster home for abused and abandoned children, that is close to our hearts, Mother of Peace.

Several of our diplomatic friends generously donated prizes for the event’s lucky draw, including: an Argentinian jersey that the Embassy hopes Maradona will sign, a full set of 12 German shirts and shorts for a prep school, a Danish souvenir scarf, an Italian team jersey, a New Zealand makarapa, a French jersey, a Spanish jersey and ball, a Mexican Scarf and ball – and one of only two jerseys to be made available in South Africa signed by the whole US team!

nwsl_ american_jersey_winner_rosa_arauzo

Rosa Arauzo, winner of the US Jersey with US Consul General, Andy Passen. The jersey is one of only two in South Africa and is a commemorative memento of the 2006 World Cup which is signed by the entire 2006 US Team.

nwsl_ andrew_glendinning_winner_of_the_italian_jersey

Andrew Glendinning winner of the Italian Jersey with Italy’s First Secretary, Dario Armini

nwsl_ andy_smith_winner_of_the_danish_scarf

Andy Smith, winner of the Danish Scarf with SAIIA’s National Director, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, who presented the prize on behalf of the Danish Embassy.

nwsl_ graham_joyce_winner_of_the_french_jersey

Graham Joyce, winner of the French Jersey, with Second Counsellor, Charles Tellier

nwsl_ ian_nankin_winner_of_argentinian_jersey

Ian Nankin, winner of the Argentinian Jersey with Argentina’s Ambassador HE Carlos di Cerisano. The embassy will have Maradonna sign the jersey when he comes to South Africa.

nwsl_ mark_reynhardt_winner_of_the_german_soccer_kit

Mark Reynhard, winner of the German Soccer Kit for children, with Germany’s Deputy Ambassador, Ingo Herbert. Mark kindly donated the kit to the children of Mother of Peace

nwsl_ simone_bishop_winner_of_the_auctioned_makarapa

 Simone Bishop, winner of the Makarappa. This Makarappa was donated by the New Zealand High Commission and was specially commissioned for this event.

nwsl_ spanish_jersey_winner_gordon_mansell

Gordon Mansell, winner of the Spanish Jersey with Spain’s Head of Culture and Development, Ricardo Vasquez.

 nwsl_ steven_gruzd_one_of_the_winners_of_the_10_eu_balls

Steven Gruzd, one of ten winners of EU soccer balls donated by the European Commission

nwsl_ stuart_meyer_winner_of_the_mexican_jersey_and_ball

Stuart Meyer, winner of the Mexican Scarf and a Mexican Federation ball, with Mexico’s Third Secretary, Oliver Contla

20 May 2010