New issue of the South African Journal of International Affairs: 23.1


The latest issue of the South African Journal of International Affairs,

Volume 23.1, is now available. This issue includes articles on topics such as the impact of the diplomacy of cities and other sub-state actors on international development; the record of the African Union and the Responsibility To Protect doctrine in the post-Côte d’Ivoire period; shale gas production regulation in South Africa; and calls for a new development paradigm in the global South based on a ‘decolonial’ orientation, in which Ubuntu and ‘living well’ would be prioritised.

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Published since 1993, SAIIA’s peer-reviewed journal includes articles on topics such as global and continental governance, multilateralism and political/economic integration, strengthening of democracy and political party systems in Africa, protection of human rights, international trade and investment, governance of natural resources, environmental protection, security and conflict, migration and refugees, religion and ethnicity, the roles of state and non-state actors in international affairs, and the influence of emerging powers on Africa and the world. The Journal is now published four times per year.

7 Apr 2016