SAIIA quiz inspires learners to grow knowledge of global affairs

On Thursday 26 August 2021, 92 high school learners from 25 Cape Town schools participated in the 29th Annual Interschool Quiz organised by SAIIA’s Western Cape Branch.

This quiz was hosted online for the second year in a row. SAIIA invited learners from local schools to compete in answering questions relating to international affairs. These questions were based on news articles and SAIIA research reports, which were emailed to the learners.

The quiz was open to eight learners per school. There was no charge for the quiz, but each learner needed to have access to a digital device (for example: laptop, PC, smart phone, iPad) with internet connectivity. Data was offered to those who required it.

South Africa is playing an increasingly important role in global affairs. The quiz is part of SAIIA’s ongoing programme to cultivate awareness among our younger citizens of the importance of South Africa’s foreign affairs. SAIIA hopes to stimulate interest that will inspire learners to play an active role in foreign affairs in the future.

The top 10 places won the following prizes: 1st prize – R4,500 and an Acer laptop; 2nd prize – R2,000 and an Acer laptop; 3rd prize – R1,500 an Acer laptop; 4th prize – R1,250 an Acer laptop; 5th prize – R1,000. Places six to 10 received money vouchers. The laptops for the top four learners were sponsored by the Taipei Liaison Office. All top 10 schools received a set of books for their libraries.

Congratulations to Greg van Selm from SACS for winning first prize. Kate Forrest from Herschel came a close second and Pollyanne Carlos from Wynberg Girls High School came third. Well done to all our learners who participated.

6 Oct 2021