The SAIIA Global Classrooms® Model UN Schools Programme

Image: Flickr, Nicolas Raymond
Image: Flickr, Nicolas Raymond

At the core of the SAIIA Global Classrooms® programme, is Model United Nations Debating, wherein school learners participate in simulated sittings of various United Nations committees discussing and debating various issues of international importance.

Through this programme, run under the auspices of The United States Association of USA (UNA-USA), and funded by Merrill Lynch, Global Classrooms® brings Model UN to schools throughout the world.

Model UN has been the premier vehicle for building young people’s leadership skills and understanding of international affairs, world cultures and the workings of the United Nations and has led to many participants furthering studies in these subjects and thus widened their future career opportunities.

Past participants of the SAIIA Model UN programmes have become researchers at the SAIIA, joined the South African Presidency, the Department of Foreign Affairs and other government departments, and are employed by the United Nations as well as a host of foundations and businesses in South Africa, Africa and the world.

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