Rogers Orock

Rogers Orock is a former Bradlow Fellow

SAIIA Programme
African Governance and Diplomacy
Areas of Expertise

Conflict studies
Human rights



Rogers holds degrees in social anthropology from the University of Helsinki in Finland and Aarhus University in Denmark as well as an MA in International Affairs (Humanitarian Affairs, Human Rights, and African Studies) from the Paris School of International Affairs at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in France.

Rogers’ scholarship in political anthropology contributes to governance and development studies as well as African studies. He is also the editor (with Wale Adebanwi) of Elites and the Politics of Accountability in Africa (University of Michigan Press, 2021). His current research focus include a collaborative study (with Peter Geschiere) on Freemasonry, postcolonial homophobia, and French-African relations in Francophone Central Africa as well as a new interest in the Cameroonian Anglophone diaspora and the internationalisation of the separatist war in Anglophone Cameroon since 2017.

He is also a Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at Wits University.

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