China and Africa: Building Peace and Security Cooperation on the Continent

Image: Flickr, Minustah Photo
Image: Flickr, Minustah Photo

Drawing on leading and emerging scholars in the field, this book unpacks the complexity of security challenges confronting China and the continent. It also interrogates how security considerations impact upon the growing economic and social links China has developed with African states.

It focuses on two dimensions in particular:peace

  • The sources of Chinese engagement in security – ranging from burgeoning exposure of Chinese economic interests and unstable conditions, to the targeting of Chinese citizens by hostile and criminal groups – and how they have shaped Chinese policies in this sector.
  • Case studies that illustrate China’s involvement in country-specific Africa security contexts, including the content of Chinese contributions and responses of African governments and civil society to this expanding role.

Finally, the book provides a critical assessment of the challenges posed by deepening Chinese-African cooperation in security matters.

27 Oct 2017