External Engagement: Experiences from Ghana and Mozambique

Image: Flickr, Elliott Brown
Image: Flickr, Elliott Brown

The Global Best Practice series examines a number of case studies in various sectors, with the aim of assessing their potential applicability in the Africa developmental context.

This sixth report in the series looks at the status that Ghana has continued to enjoy in the eyes of the donor world, partly due to managing to emerge as a relative success in a region plagued by uncertainty. What has also worked in Ghana’s favour has been the greater involvement of the Ghanaian civil society at the national and local levels in important social, economic, governance and development initiatives.

In the case of Mozambique, the writers identify two points on which the country offers important lesson for other African states in this century: firstly, it is the willingness of the country’s government to favour a pragmatic, above the ideological, approach in order to bring about development in the country and its willingness to accept its role as a regional player.

ISBN: 1-919969-49-7

18 Apr 2008