Marching to a Different Tune: Political Change and Policing Transformation in SA and Northern Ireland

Image: Flickr, Bob Adams
Image: Flickr, Bob Adams

The process of police transformation in societies undergoing transition is an issue of some importance.

This has certainly been the case in both South Africa and Northern Ireland where questions of policing change are critical to the success of the process of political compromise as well as the sustainability of post-transition democratic systems.

Lessons from police change in South Africa and Northern Ireland also have wider implications. These societies have often been compared in the past and there have been important South African inputs into the Northern Ireland peace process. Contrasting the different approaches to police change may hold lessons for other countries facing similar challenges.

This volume also provides an accessible record of the co-operation between the police agencies in both countries during the change period. A summary of recommendations made by an independent inquiry into police transformation in Northern Ireland has been included.

The study from which this volume emanates is part of a broader research project being conducted at SAIIA which examines crime and policing in societies in transition. The project is funded by the British Council and the Ford Foundation.

ISBN: 1-919810-25-0

17 Apr 2008