Mozambique and Brazil: Forging new partnerships or developing dependency?


This book critically investigates the expanding involvement of a leading emerging power, Brazil, in one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, Mozambique. It looks at the dynamics of Brazilian development assistance, its flagship engagement in Mozambique’s agricultural and resource sector and the burgeoning social ties that bind them together.

In addition, the book aims to:

  • Analyse the circumstances surrounding the rising conflicts over Brazil’s South-South Cooperation strategies with Mozambique’s resource and construction sectors, among others;
  • Interrogate how social and cultural dimensions impact on the growing number of Brazilians in Mozambican society; and
  • Assess whether Brazil-Mozambican ties, celebrated by elites in both countries as representing a new form of development cooperation, is in fact producing a distinctively new partnership.

Print copies available for R260 in all good South African book stores.