Preventing Insecurity: Lessons from and for East Asia

Image: Flickr, USAG- Humphreys
Image: Flickr, USAG- Humphreys

This volume, the second in a series of three on Taiwanese and East Asian security, is the result of international collaboration between the South African Institute of International Affairs, the Centre for Defence and International Security Studies and the Institute of International Relations at National Chengchi University.

The volume focuses on the relationship between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China as a key to global stability. Whilst increased cross-Strait economic interaction and social and intellectual exchanges could provide a basis for East Asian security, this has been largely overshadowed by recent political and military events including the active modernisation of the PRC’s and Taiwan’s armed forces. This collection of papers outlines ways in which both Taiwan and the PRC should, in alliance with other international partners, find ways to keep their relationship on a steady, mutually beneficial course. These essays also assist in identifying means in which lessons from past experiences and from other regions might be applied to finding common ground and ensuring a more prosperous and positive future.

ISBN: 1-919969-01-2

17 Apr 2008