SAIIA Country Reports (2001-2002)

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The SAIIA Country Report series, published in 2001 and 2002, includes a detailed look at various countries in Africa and beyond. 

In exploring the political economies of these countries, the report series touches on many critical issues relating to international relations, including conflict and security and international diplomacy.

No. 11: Argentina’s Flight of Icarus
White L (2002)
ISBN: 1-919810-53-6

No. 10: Madagascar: Avoidable Disaster, Test Case for African Diplomacy
Herbert R (2002)
ISBN: 1-919810-55-2

No. 9: India: A Tiger in the Making
Voges C (2002)
ISBN: 1-919810-45-5

No. 8: The End of the Eritrean Exception?
Herbert R (2002)
ISBN: 1-919810-42-0

No. 7: Kabila is Dead — Long Live Kabila? Prospects for Stability and Recovery in the DRC
Mills G (2002)
ISBN: 1-919810-41-2

No. 6: Sudan: Complexity, Conflict and Co-operation
Mills G (2002)
ISBN: 1-919810-35-8

No. 5: Malawi: The Erratic Pulse at the Warm Heart of Africa
Hughes T (2001)
ISBN: 1-919810-34-X

No. 4: Mozambique: A Lasting Peace?
Naidu S (2001)
ISBN: 1-919810- 28-5

No. 3: Zimbabwe at the Crossroads
Pabst M (2001)
ISBN: 1-919810-30-7

No. 2: Angola: War Without End?
Shaw M (with N Nkosi) (2001)
ISBN: 1-919810-27-7

No. 1: Ghana After Rawlings
Mills G (with A Handley) (2001)
ISBN: 1-919810-26-9