SAIIA Youth Policy Committee COP21 Statement

Image: Flickr, Nattu
Image: Flickr, Nattu

We, the members of the SAIIA Youth Policy Committee (YPC), support the adoption of a legally binding agreement to combat climate change and encourage a global transition to low-carbon societies and economies at COP21.

As the YPC, we believe that the world is capable of achieving an ambitious “protocol, another legal instrument or an agreed outcome with legal force under the Convention applicable to all parties,” and call upon global leaders to work together to achieve this mandate.

We urge all states to have an ambitious pre-2020 plan of action for the time period between the end of COP21 and the beginning of the binding agreement post-2020.

We call upon member states to create a clear means of implementation (MoI), so that states are better prepared to reach their goals when the time comes.

We believe that climate change should not be viewed as an isolated problem that is only focussed on once a year at an international scale. It should be an issue that all members of society are grappling with regularly. For example, climate change should be introduced as a core part of the school curriculum to sustain the interest as well as commitment around it – especially from young people.

25 Nov 2015