South Africa and Naval Power at the Millennium

Image: Flickr, Chris Eason
Image: Flickr, Chris Eason

Published in conjunction with Centre for Defence and International Security Studies.

“As a nation (South Africa) is committed to the achievement of an African Renaissance. This goal may require the deployment of the assets of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) in secondary functions alongside its primary role of sovereign defence. The South African Navy is like to play a major role in such secondary tasks, influencing participation in peace support missions, environmental management and protection, policing functions and border-line control, including fishery transgressions. It is also expected to play a major role in combating illegal immigration and narcotics smuggling, a diplomatic role through ship visits, and operations in the time of natural disasters, such as search and rescue, the supply of transport, medical support, and a robust crisis management capability.

The South Africa Institute of International Affairs and the South African Navy must be congratulated on this important initiative. It is heartening to observe the constructive interaction of civil society and the Department of Defence in this manner.”
—Mosiuoa Lekota, SA Defence Minister.

This publication is the result of a conference held in 2000 and sponsored by:
German Frigate Consortium (GFC), SA Navy, German Submarine Consortium (GSC)

ISBN: 1-919810-18-8

17 Apr 2008