South-South Cooperation: Exploring the IBSA Initiative

Image: Flickr, GovernmentZA
Image: Flickr, GovernmentZA

For many the IBSA initiative was focused on strengthening political ties between India, Brazil and South Africa; but in order to do so it needs to build economic relations amongst the three countries.

Can it go beyond political rhetoric and deliver tangible benefits in the form of trade and investment? SAIIA, CUTS (India) and ICONE (Brazil) in 2005 launched a research project assessing the scope for cooperation across the three IBSA countries in the aerospace sector. The purpose of this gathering was to explore the results of the perceptions surveys undertaken in each of the three countries. A number of dignitaries, researchers, and other eminent persons from each of the countries were in attendance. The slides from each of the four main presentations, as well as a detailed record of discussion, may be found by clicking the link above. Also, the South African case study is available on the here as SAIIA Trade Policy Report No.13: “The Aerospace Industry: Prospects for Strategic Cooperation among the IBSA Countries”.

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25 Apr 2006