The Recalibration of Middle Powers under Conditions of Stress and Opportunity

Image: Flickr, 
Julian Schüngel
Image: Flickr, Julian Schüngel

Countries’ modes of diplomatic engagement are changing in a world that is increasingly multipolar. Today’s global environment puts pressure on the so-called middle-power countries to project their identity and national interests.

While some middle powers have found an international platform in the G-20 grouping, others have chosen to reinforce their identification with middle-power status. Whichever platform a middle power opts for, the forms of diplomatic engagement adopted by middle-power countries will reflect their strategic national interests.

Canada’s changing forms of international diplomacy provide a case in point. Canada’s diplomatic trajectory has changed over the years from its association with multiple like-minded ad hoc coalitions to more recently focusing on core issues with a small coterie of strategic Western allies.

Author: Andrew Cooper

27 Mar 2015