Youth Perspectives on South Africa’s Governance Challenges

Group Portrait of young adult Zambians. Image: Getty, SCShutter
Group Portrait of young adult Zambians. Image: Getty, SCShutter

South Africa joined the APRM, Africa’s voluntary self-assessment tool for promoting good governance, in 2003 and has remained committed to the ideals of the continental instrument since undergoing its first country review in 2007.


  • South Africa is doing its second African Peer Review Mechanism report in 2021. As a contribution to that process the South African Institute of International Affairs  has focused on youth consultation and contributions as its submission to the South African National Governance Council.
  • This policy insight identifies lessons from engaging youth for the SAIIA APRM consultation processes, championing an approach to meaningful youth participation that sees youth as partners in development.
  • The paper puts forward models of youth participation that call for youth as co-creators and co-leaders in participatory processes and centres youth as experts.
  • The paper further addresses the need for representation and learning opportunities as core components of meaningful youth participation.

14 Jul 2021