Guidelines: Reuse of content from SAIIA website

For sources wishing to reuse SAIIA content online

The SAIIA website and its content (including but not limited to, animations, character design, text, software, music, lyrics, sound, photographs, graphics, video, audio, infographics page layouts and design) are protected by intellectual property rights, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License: CC BY NC SA. To view a copy of the license, visit:

We encourage the sharing and re-use of our web content. However, please note that SAIIA content must be used under the following conditions:

  1. The work must be cited and credited correctly and all copyright notices respected;
  2. A link must be provided back to the original article;
  3. SAIIA content must be freely accessible to all internet visitors on your site;
  4. The work can only be used for non-commercial purposes and/or educational purposes.

Please note that there are two additional considerations to be observed when reusing SAIIA content:

  • Documents published by SAIIA, such as PDF versions of publications, presentations and other materials: we ask that you do not download and re-upload the document, but instead link directly to the document on the SAIIA site. Each SAIIA document has a direct, permanent link to the PDF file so that it is still very simple for your users to download with one click, while allowing SAIIA to track how many downloads the piece received.
  • Images on the SAIIA website and/or in publications credited and copyrighted to persons or organisations other than SAIIA (all images will have such a notice): Permission to use these images needs to be applied for from the source organisation and not SAIIA. In these cases, if you wish to reuse the image you must go back to the original source of the image, as other copyright requirements may apply.

It would be much appreciated if you could notify SAIIA on when beginning to re-use content, and supply approximate traffic statistics for your website, as this allows SAIIA to track the exposure of the work in question.

If in doubt, or to enquire about commercial re-use of SAIIA work, please contact us on