Book chat: African accountability, what works and what doesn’t?

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A new book by SAIIA, African Accountability: What Works and What Doesn’t?, focuses on political and social developments to assess the current state of governance and accountability in Africa.

This edited volume brings to the fore cutting edge analysis on the contemporary African governance and accountability landscape by focusing on both continental institutions (including the African Peer Review Mechanism, African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance, and the African Union) well as domestic ones (parliaments, ombudsmen and electoral commissions).

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‘This survey of political accountability in Africa today provides critical insights into the effectiveness of a range of institutions. Democratic accountability in Africa is too often on life support. This book should serve to jolt us all into providing urgent attention to the patient.’
— Peter Fabricius, veteran South African journalist

‘A welcome addition to the literature on accountability in the African context. It is a clear and succinct work, helpful for those in the academy as well as anyone wanting to understand institutions in Africa.’
— Judith February, senior research associate, Institute for Security Studies.

7 Dec 2015

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Riona Judge McCormack
SAIIA Programme
African Governance and Diplomacy
APRM, African Union (AU)

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