Combating gender-based violence in Africa

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Ahead of the annual 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign (25 November – 10 December), Ugandan human rights lawyer Laura Nyirinkindi paid a visit to SAIIA. Nyirinkindi has been working on combating violence against women in Africa for the last ten years.

We asked her:

  • Why does gender-based violence remain such a big problem in Africa?
  • How do we tackle negative attitudes and stereotypes around gender-based violence?
  • What best practices have emerged from the African Peer Review Mechanism regarding the prevention of gender-based violence?
  • What still needs to happen to reduce the high levels of gender-based violence in Africa?

17 Nov 2015

Video Creator
Riona Judge McCormack
SAIIA Programme
African Governance and Diplomacy

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