SAIIA Podcast 21: Fisheries in Africa

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Fishing in Africa represents a significant source of income, particularly at the local community level. We spoke to SAIIA Senior Researcher, Alex Benkenstein, about the state of fisheries in Africa, and priorities for their management.

We asked him:

  • You have done extensive work on fisheries in Uganda and more recently in Mozambique. How would you describe the state of fisheries on the continent based on these two countries?
  • As you just said, In Africa, fishing is crucial for small communities and happens very much at a local, subsistence level? What are some of the issues you witnessed fearing your field research?
  • You have written and released two reports on fishing in Uganda and Mozambique. What are some of the common themes that emerged for you?
  • So what are some of the priorities for better managing the continents fishing resources?

3 Dec 2013