SAIIA researcher Yu-Shan Wu discusses Chinese media expansion into Africa

Earlier this year, CCTV built its first international broadcast hub in Nairobi. China’s state-run news media are growing at a fast pace around the world — particularly in Africa — at a time when broadcasting and newspaper companies based in America and Europe are scaling back their international operations. The expansions are part of a campaign to improve China’s image around the world, and bolster its influence in areas where Beijing is economically and politically active.

On 20 September 2012, Global Journalist was joined by two experts to discuss this: Yu-Shan Wu, a researcher at SAIIA who has written a paper on China’s media in Africa, and award-winning journalist Ayo Johnson.

[Duration: 28min 44sec] Click here to watch the video

19 Sep 2012

SAIIA Programme
Foreign Policy
Soft Power & Public Diplomacy

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