The Future of Zimbabwe

SAIIA’s Steven Gruzd on ENCA discussing Zimbabwe’s political future.

Robert Mugabe turned 93 last week, making him both one of the oldest and longest-serving presidents on the continent.

The 21st of February is usually seen as a celebratory day in Zimbabwe, but is there much to celebrate?

Over the years, the nation has sunk deeper and deeper into peril. What and who could redeem the once great nation of Zimbabwe in its darkest hour? What steps should the people take to claim their power back? And could Zimbabwe prove to be the next Gambia of the South, with SADC or possibly South Africa intervening to ensure a smooth democratic transition?

SAIIA’s Steven Gruzd sits down with ENCA’s Duduzile Ramela, to discuss the nation’s future and which key players will be running for the 2018 Elections.

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