Environmental Sustainability Project

The goal of the Environmental Sustainability Project is to equip young South Africans with an understanding of local and international issues connected to environmental sustainability.

It takes the form of a competition that requires teams of learners to research topics related to global environmental sustainability, provide case examples, and to consider possible solutions to safeguard people the planet. In the process learners develop valuable content knowledge, as well as research, writing, public speaking and critical thinking skills.

Participants are given unique opportunities to engage with representatives from academia, civil society, government, media, and the United Nations. Tutoring, workshops, and resource materials are provided to each of the participating schools. Regardless of the competition results, each school is invited to be involved in various programme activities throughout the year.

This programme is open to all learners from Grades 10 to 12, and can be used by Grade 11 Life Science teachers for ‘Human Impact on the Environment’ projects.

To find out more, contact youth@saiia.org.za