South African Youth Climate Action Plan

The planet is facing a climate crisis and our future is at risk. We need to take urgent action to create a more sustainable and equitable world for all.

The YCAP process is being convened through the Youth Programmes at the South African Institute of International Affairs (Youth@SAIIA) in partnership with various organisations, schools, and university groups across South Africa.

Young people from all over South Africa and representing various organisations, schools, university groups and communities are now working to develop a South African Youth Climate Action Plan (YCAP), that can serve as a framework to inspire youth-led action across the country. The YCAP will serve as a guide for youth, decision-makers, civil society, business, academia, and other stakeholders. It is also our goal to expand networks of people contributing to a sustainable, just, inclusive and climate resilient future for all. 

This youth-driven process aims to unite young people to consolidate their ideas into a unique living document that will include policy recommendations, an implementation plan, youth-led research, and stories. By engaging in this important process, not only are we making the voices of young people heard in the decision-making hallways, but we are also developing a new generation of leaders.

We invite all organisations, schools, clubs, societies, and individual South African youth between the ages of 13-30 to join us by contributing to the SAYCAP process. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your voice heard!

There are several ways individuals and groups can participate. 

Join the South African Youth Climate Action Plan Process 

If you would like to receive invites to upcoming meetings and get all of the latest info on the process, please register here:

Contribute to the SAYCAP Document 

We need your input! You can participate in any or all of the ways below. 

Formal Input 

As an individual or organisation you can provide input into the SAYCAP declaration. This will be the formal statement that young people are presenting to our country’s decision-makers. 

Please submit Formal Input here: 

Story Submission 

As an individual or organisation you can share your story! Climate stories from the youth act as an eye-opener to the effects of climate change on people. It offers the opportunity to gain insight into the lived experiences of South African youth, to amplify their voice in expressive, creative ways and most importantly, helps to personalise climate change. 

Please submit Story Submissions here: 

Submit Digital Media and Inputs to our Youth Participation Hotline 

Submit your climate related voice notes, videos, pictures, poems, songs, graphics, posters, or input text to +27 (0)603461135. You can submit through WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal. Need data to submit something? Drop us a message and we can see if we assist you. 

Have questions? Send an email to