A Dialogue on the Drivers and Politics of Regional Integration in Southern Africa, 2-3 July 2013

Photo © SAIIA/ Riona Judge McCormack

On 2-3 July 2013, the ECDPM and SAIIA held a Dialogue on Drivers and Politics of Regional Integration in Southern Africa. This meeting brought together actors in concrete integration processes: South African policy makers, regional policy makers, private sector actors, researchers, the EU and donors.

The workshop focused on exchanging real life experiences and debating concrete cases of regional cooperation/integration. The dialogue also looked at the implications for policy and action by multiple stakeholders, including external actors such as the EU. A series of short video briefings providing insights into the latest thinking on regional integration have been produced from this meeting:

Regional Integration Part 1, with Dr Bruce Byiers of the ECDPM: Overview of key issues

Regional Integration Part 2, with Ambassador Kaire Mbuende: Market and functional integration, and how national interests drive the regional integration agenda

Regional Integration Part 3, with Michele Ruiters of DBSA: Infrastructure planning, and the need for a SADC industrial plan

Regional Integration Part 4, with Gus Mandigora of Oxfam: Involving non-state actors in the Tripartite Free Trade Area negoitations

Papers and programme from the event

This meeting was part of a process – funded under the EU-South Africa Strategic Partnership – to facilitate effective multi-stakeholder dialogue on the politics of regional integration in Southern Africa.

The dialogue was a final step in a larger research and dialogue project on the political economy of regional integration, which included a scoping study, an inception workshop and more in-depth political economy analysis of specific research questions.