EU seeks specialized court to investigate Russia war crimes

Steven Gruzd, Head of the African Governance and Diplomacy Program at the South African Institute of International Affairs, speaks about the European Union’s proposal to set up a specialized court to investigate possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

A paralysed G20 hinders the development agenda

The G20 is facing the same problem that became apparent during the UN Security Council on the resolutions on Ukraine: the forum is at risk of turning into a fighting ring, where great powers play out their rivalry. If this happens, the rifts between advanced economies and the developing world will deepen, just at a time […]

South Africa’s neutrality in question after joint military conduct with Russia

‘It is not the first time we conducted military exercises and a couple of years ago we did something called operation Mosi where we did drills with the Russian navy as well as the Chinese navy, so it is not the first time.’ Steven Gruzd, Governance Programme Head – South African Institute of International Affairs.

African countries expect concrete financing plans at COP27

Romy Chevallier, a researcher from think tank South African Institute of International Affairs, said the “African COP” should be the “implementation COP” with a clear road map on how to fund various climate policies and projects.

Russia calling up reserves for the war in Ukraine

Steven Gruzd, Head of African Governance and Diplomacy Programme and the Russia-Africa Project at the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), speaks on new developments in the Russia-Ukraine war.

No more sidelines, says SA as it links Ukraine-Russia peace calls to UN reforms

Steven Gruzd and Gustavo de Carvalho, who have studied Russia’s strategic engagement in Africa for the SA Institute of International Affairs, said the time is not yet ripe for peace talks. ‘Beginning a process where there is dialogue can assist with the process, but it requires momentum where both parties believe they have more to […]

Pakistan floods: Dealing with climate change and weather change preparedness

Dr Deon Cloete, programme head of the Futures Programme at the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), speaks on concerns around lack of preparedness on dealing with climate change and change in weather patterns in light of the Pakistan floods. He also discusses SAIIA’s research on Southern African infrastructure investment and potential scenario planning.