African think tanks moving up the ranks

Photo © ed ouimette/Flickr

In the recently-released international ranking of think tanks, SAIIA is delighted to have been ranked the top think tank in Southern Africa.

The 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index reveals that think tanks across Africa are moving up the international rankings, increasing Africa’s influence in world affairs.

SAIIA wishes to congratulate in particular the African think tanks from our GEG-Africa, GARN and Africa Portal networks who ranked highly in this year’s Index.

Covering 6,618 think tanks across the world, the Index is the most comprehensive think tank ranking.  Conducted by the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, it is based on a global peer and expert survey of more than 3,572 scholars, policy-makers, journalists, and regional and experts from 120 countries.

Over a wide range of categories, the Index represents peer views on the quality and reputation of each think tank’s leadership, staff and research, and the impact of their work.

In addition to have been ranked the top think tank in Southern Africa, SAIIA has been rated as the Think Tank with the Best External Relations/Public Engagement Programme in Africa (29th in the world) and as having the most Outstanding Policy-orientated Research Programmes in Africa (46th in the world). Our report ‘The Green Economy and the BRICS Countries’ was also rated as the Best Policy Study/Report Produced by a Think Tank in Sub-Saharan Africa (42nd in the world).

Click here to read Lesley Wentworth and Chijioke Oji’s report ‘The Green Economy and the BRICS Countries’, rated as the Best Policy Study/Report Produced by a Think Tank in Sub-Saharan Africa.

SAIIA has been rated by its international peers in the top 100 in the world for the following categories (out of 6,618 think tanks):

  • Top Think Tanks Worldwide: SAIIA at 81
  • Top Think Tanks – Worldwide (excluding the USA): SAIIA at 45
  • Best Managed Think Tank: SAIIA at 36
  • Top International Development think tanks: SAIIA at 31
  • Think Tanks with the Most Significant Impact on Public Policy: SAIIA at 55
  • Top Think Tanks in sub-Saharan Africa: SAIIA at 3
  • Best use of Social Networks: SAIIA at 34
  • Best Transdisciplinary Research Programme at a Think Tank: SAIIA at 46
  • Think Tanks with the Best Use of the Media: SAIIA at 40
  • Best Think Tank Network: SAIIA at 42
  • Top Foreign Policy and International Affairs Think Tanks: SAIIA at 84

Ideas and open and frank debate are cornerstones of successful societies. African think tanks are more diverse and more prominent today. This is undoubtedly an important element for addressing our socioeconomic and political challenges and increasing our voice on the global stage.

You can access the full survey report on the official website of the 2014 Global Go Think Tank Index.

29 Jan 2015