Brazil and Africa

Image: Flickr, PROAdrien Sifre
Image: Flickr, PROAdrien Sifre

SAIIA’s Global Powers and Africa programme conducted a series of research activities related to Brazil’s engagement with Africa. The focus will be on 3 areas: Brazil’s foreign policy towards Africa; its engagement in various sectors; as well as its position on R2P.


  • Brazilian foreign policy towards Africa
  • Brazil’s engagement in Africa (e.g. infrastructure and/or agricultural cooperation in Africa)
  • Brazil’s impact on norms and principles on sovereignty and R2P


  • Policy Briefings
  • Research Reports
  • Diplomatic Pouch

Policy Briefings

Brazil as an Emerging Power: The View from the United States
by Shannon O’Neil
SAIIA Policy Briefings, No 16, February 2010

Brazil as a Regional Power in Latin America or South America?
by Leslie Bethell
SAIIA Policy Briefing, No 13, January 2010

Brazil as a Regional and Emerging Global Power
by Matias Spektor
SAIIA Policy Briefing, No 9, November 2009

IBSA Six Years On: Co-operation in a New Global Order
by Lyal White
SAIIA Policy Briefing, No 8, November 2009

Biofuel Technology Transfer in IBSA: Lessons for South Africa and Brazil
by Lyal White and Tatiana Cyro Costa
SAIIA Policy Briefing, No 7, November 2009

An Overview of Brazilian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century
by Monica Hirst
SAIIA Policy Briefing, No 6, November 2009

Research Reports

Small Business – The Case of Brazil
by Lyal White
SAIIA Global Best Practice Report, 2005 (1-919969-48-9)

Crime, Political Transition and Urban Transformation in South Africa and Brazil
by Karina Landman
SAIIA Report, No 36, 2003 (1-919969-08-X)

Diplomatic Pouch

All Hands on Deck for Defence at the IBSA Summit: Rethinking South Africa’s Position
by Andrew Glendinning and Keri Leicher
Diplomatic Pouch, 20 April 2010

The Africa South America Summit, 27-28 September 2009
by Thomas Wheeler
Diplomatic Pouch, 30 September 2009

28 May 2010